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Wheelers Hill Secondary College Production 2019
Wheelers Hill Secondary College Production 2019

A stagemusical adaption of ‘The Greatest Movie Musical of All Time’! Singin in theRain takes the Hollywood classic, snappy dialogue, high energy routines,hilarious situations and a whole lot of Broadway Rhythm and makes a fantasticshow for everyone in the family! A partnership with the high school studentsand members of Wheelers Hill and Waverley Meadows Primary Schools make this eventsuper special.

ProductionDesign Internship Students have also worked alongside practicing artists tomake the costumes, sets, props and make up design worthy of a flashy Hollywoodaffair!

Famous songs such as‘Good Morning’, ‘Fit as a Fiddle’, ‘Broadway Melody’, ‘Moses Supposes’ and ofcourse – ‘Singin in the Rain’ are brought to life in this stage adaption.
  • Singin’ in the Rain Jnr
  • Personal Basket