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THE KING'S DILEMMA presented by Menzies Creek Primary School 2018

The King’s Dilemma is a play performed by Menzies Creekstudents in Years 3-6 and written by the Performing Arts teacher, AnneMatheson. It will appeal to all age groups but especially families, as it is alively, colourful show with plenty of action as well as mood setting,enjoyable, accompanying music. The story focus is on the kingdom of Mythaliawhich is set in the middle ages. It involves characters from those times,including jesters, knights, mythical elves and witches and wizards. There isdancing involved set to Celtic and Medieval style of music as well as atradition Gaelic song –‘Mo Ghile Mear’ sung by a talented soloist from year 5.

The story commences with a rhyme –

‘Long, long ago, in a land far away

  There lived a kingwho had ruled many a day

 His Kingdom waspeaceful and the people were content

 But, he had grownweary and thought his time could be better spent!’

The story then follows the search for a new ruler and leadsthe characters to posing the question of “What makes a good ruler?” A quest isinvolved and eventually a suitable leader is chosen that all agree possesseswonderful leadership qualities such as kindness and empathy.

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When & Where

Burrinja Theatre
Plenty of tickets
Mon, 17 Sep
1:30 PM
Burrinja Theatre
Enough tickets
Mon, 17 Sep
7:00 PM