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 My Sight - Their Sight  - Performance Season 2019
My Sight - Their Sight - Performance Season 2019

Be captivated and challenged by this playfully provocative exploration of the senses.

How would you adapt without sight / when blindfolded?
Would you rise to the challenge or trip over your own feet? 
Three highly trained interdisciplinary performers work to explore how the human body can move and interact when sight is compromised.  My Sight - Their Sight is a quirky and atmospheric interpretation of the relationship between being sighted and not sighted -exploring shifts in power, poignant moments and pure physicality. 
My Sight - Their Sight engages with the audience to show us how movement, dance, and circus can transcend something that most of us take for granted – SIGHT.
Join creator Abbie Madden, Director of the company Blindful, for an insightful Q&A after the performance.

Suitable for ages 13+


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