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HOT MIKADO St Andrews Christian College 2018 Production
HOT MIKADO St Andrews Christian College 2018 Production

Flirting may seem an innocent pastime. But in Titipu, it can be fatal.

That is the underlying threat that creates all of the ridiculous (and uproarious) complications in ‘Hot Mikado’, a wildly staged sendup of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, ‘The Mikado - or, the town of Titipu’.
This updated version retains the spirit of the original by sticking to the absurd plot G&S concocted for this show (it’s all about forbidden love, a pending execution and bureaucratic ineptitude...), but adds the element of Jazz music.

Allow the 2018 St Andrews production of ‘Hot Mikado’ to transport you to modern day Japan. Filled with colourful sets, songs and dances this is a production for the whole family. Let the jazz musical with lots of hilarious comedy whisk you away to a small Japanese city with lots of fun and imagination.

If you like your entertainment in a topsy-turvy style, ‘Hot Mikado’ is your hot ticket.

Run Time - 180 Minutes including 20min Interval | Suitable all ages


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