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39 Forever - Performance Season 2019
39 Forever - Performance Season 2019
Do you still feel like you’re 25 even though your birthdate stubbornly insists you’re not? Are you enquiring about Botox ‘for a friend’?
This hilarious cabaret from Amity Dry (author of the musical ‘Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life’) was a sell-out success at last year’s Adelaide Fringe and is sure to be a great girls night out. From her childhood home perm to the eve of her 40th birthday Amity explores the pressure women face to maintain the beauty ideal and how social media, Botox and the Kardashians have forever altered the quest for eternal youth. She pokes fun at her '80s childhood and '90s teen exploits, and questions whether 40 is the new 30 or just something you say to make you feel better.
‘A sparkling, enthralling, fun, laugh out loudnight... you will leave the show feeling uplifted and empowered.' Theatre People ★★★★★

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